Private Giving Program

The Burgundy Legacy Foundation’s Private Giving Program, available exclusively to Burgundy clients, provides a simple and convenient platform to support your philanthropic needs and interests.

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Establish a Fund

Setting up a Private Giving Fund with the Burgundy Legacy Foundation can be done simply and quickly, with the support of your Investment Counsellor. A Private Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund or DAF) gives you the flexibility to decide what to donate and when, as you create a legacy for you and your family. Giving strategically can also increase the tax efficiency and impact of your gifts.

DAFs are an increasingly popular option for generous people who may find the set-up, ongoing governance and reporting duties of a private foundation too onerous, or who already have a foundation but need an additional giving vehicle to accomplish the full range of their goals.
  • Cash: Cash donations can be made directly from your bank account via electronic funds transfer or wire, or by cheque.
  • Securities:1 You can make in-kind donations of Burgundy pooled funds, or publicly traded securities or mutual funds, eliminating the capital gains tax on the appreciated value.
  • Estate:1 The Burgundy Legacy Foundation can be named as a beneficiary in your will or registered savings account (RRSP, RRIF, or TFSA),2 which will reduce estate taxes owed.
1 Subject to approval.
2 Not available in Quebec.
You and your family’s specific circumstances are distinct, meaning the best charitable giving strategy is one that is customized for you. Whether the end of the tax year is looming, you anticipate selling your business, have stock options maturing, wish to update your estate plans, or desire to engage your family, philanthropy can play an important and strategic role.

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Grant to Charities

We know you give to make a difference. You can recommend grants to registered charities from your Private Giving Fund at quarterly intervals throughout the year. You may decide to support the same charities every year or select new ones as your interests or giving plans evolve.

We’re here to facilitate your charitable giving goals:

  • Burgundy Legacy Foundation will calculate the suggested minimum amount that your Private Giving Fund would disburse to charities each year, using Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements.3
  • We place no restrictions on how much you can grant each year, so you decide how much to give if you wish to exceed the minimum level.
3 Effective January 2023: The disbursement quota for charities with investment assets under $1 million is 3.5% annually. For charities with investment assets over $1 million, the disbursement quota is 5% annually, based on the value of assets over $1 million. This quota applies to the total assets of the Burgundy Legacy Foundation and not on individual Donor Advised Funds.

When you recommend a grant to a charity, you can choose how you wish to be recognized, either by your name or the name of your Private Giving Fund. You may also choose to give anonymously. You may name your Private Giving Fund in your name (e.g. The Campbell Family Fund), to reflect your giving focus (e.g. The Campbell Fund for the Environment), or to be more discreet (e.g. The CF Fund).

Burgundy Legacy Foundation is a registered Canadian charity subject to the Income Tax Act which requires that grants from all Private Giving Funds be made only to Qualified Donees as defined by CRA. This includes registered charities, Registered Canadian Amateur Athletics Associations, municipalities, universities, and select charitable organizations outside of Canada, but excludes grants to individuals and registered non-profits. In accordance with the Burgundy Legacy Foundation Granting Policy (copies available upon request), grants to politically based charities are not permitted.

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Benefits of Giving

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Giving Made Simple

A Private Giving Fund is convenient and will help simplify your giving by making all your charitable donations through one vehicle.

You can donate to your Fund at anytime and immediately receive the eligible charitable tax benefits, then allocate grants from your Fund at quarterly intervals throughout the year.4 Plus, we handle all the administration, track your grant recommendations and contributions, provide quarterly statements, and will issue an official donation receipt within 30 business days of your donation.

4 Minimum per grant is $5,000.

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Grow Your Gifts

Contributions to your Private Giving Fund are invested on a tax-free basis and have the potential to grow over time, increasing the value of your giving to the causes and charities you care about.

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Tax Benefits

Donations to your Private Giving Fund result in an immediate tax receipt, which can be claimed on your next tax return, in accordance with CRA rules. Individuals can claim up to 75% of their net income in the year the donation is made, subject to alternative minimum tax rules.

Unused tax credits may be carried forward for up to five years following the year of donation, subject to the 75% of net income limit in any year claimed.

The calculation below demonstrates the potential tax savings for donations over $200.

  • Donation $10,000
  • Federal and provincial credits $4,5005
  • Total tax savings as a % of gift 45%

5 For illustrative purposes only; provincial credits vary. Donors should seek the advice of a tax professional to determine the financial implications of any donations.


 Eliminate Capital Gains Tax

When you donate securities in-kind to the Burgundy Legacy Foundation, you can avoid paying capital gains tax on the investments, subject to alternative minimum tax rules. A tax receipt is issued for the fair market value of your gift on the date the gift is received by the Foundation. Note that if the donation comes from a corporation, the amount of the capital gains may be added to the Capital Dividends Account (CDA) and can be paid out as a tax-free dividend.

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Grow Your Giving

When you invest in your Private Giving Fund, you can be assured of our commitment to your long-term philanthropic legacy. With an eye to growing and stewarding your charitable assets for generations of giving and making a difference, funds held by the Burgundy Legacy Foundation are invested in Burgundy Asset Management’s Balanced Foundation Fund.

The Burgundy Balanced Foundation Fund is available for investment in your Private Giving Fund through the Burgundy Legacy Foundation, and is managed by Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.

We provide expert and transparent oversight, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines and the foundation’s investment policy. Detailed quarterly reports are provided on your granting activity, and the financial performance of your Private Giving Fund. These reports are provided in an electronic format, and hard copy statements are available upon request.

Contact your Investment Counsellor to learn more.

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Future Legacy

Your Private Giving Fund can serve as your charitable legacy, continuing to grant according to your wishes in the event of your death or incapacity. You may also name a successor to take over your advisory role.

You may also use your Private Giving Fund as part of your estate plan.6 Designating the Burgundy Legacy Foundation as the beneficiary of a bequest of cash, securities, your RRSP,7 RRIF,7 or TFSA,7 may result in significant tax savings.

6 Subject to approval.
7 Not available in Quebec.

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