Community Investment

Our Community Investment program represents giving on behalf of Burgundy’s employees and partners (“Giving at Burgundy”). This may take the form of monetary giving as well as volunteerism for those organizations that fall under our key priority areas.

Our Giving at Burgundy Priorities

Giving at Burgundy focuses on two community investment priorities, which reflect the values and priorities of Burgundy Asset Management and its people:

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Sustainable Cities

In Canada and around the world, increasing urbanization has required us to understand how cities flourish economically, environmentally, and culturally.

Giving at Burgundy is focused on initiatives that directly link to finding solutions that ensure our cities are prosperous, equitable and sustainable into the future.

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Advancing financial literacy and empowerment

Financial literacy and personal empowerment are fundamental to a prosperous life. By investing in the financial education of young people, Giving at Burgundy aims to give people the knowledge and skills they need to chart their futures successfully.

Coupled with a distinct commitment to gender equality, Giving at Burgundy endeavours to advance its leadership role empowering women investors to increase the participation and inclusion of women in finance through university scholarships, mentoring and sponsorship.

Grant Requests

The foundation proactively seeks out national charitable partners working in these areas. As such, we are not currently accepting applications for grants.

Giving at Burgundy

Employee Matching Gift Program

Burgundy Asset Management is committed to encouraging and magnifying the generosity of our employees. All Burgundy employees are able to request a matching gift for donations they make to causes they care about, automatically maximizing the impact of their giving.

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